Looking Out For Your Best Interests

Representation For Injured Travelers And Tourists

Sustaining an injury resulting from a car accident can be a frightening experience. If that car accident occurs when you are visiting from out of state, obtaining compensation for your losses can become additionally challenging. Hiring a lawyer familiar with the area in which the car accident occurred and the laws of the state of Maryland can be an effective strategy for quickly obtaining the compensation you are entitled to for your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

More Than 30 Years Of Experience Assisting Individuals Recover For Injuries

I, attorney David Grossman, at the Law Office of David M. Grossman, LLC, leverage more than 30 years of legal experience to offer representation to clients who have been injured in car accidents while traveling through the Baltimore, Maryland, area. Working diligently on your behalf, I strive to obtain the compensation you deserve while representing you in all aspects of the process.

Why Hire A Local Attorney?

If you are from out of state and you get injured in an auto accident while visiting Maryland, your first instinct might be to contact a lawyer in your hometown. Although it may be convenient to hire an attorney who is close to home, he or she may not be familiar with local laws pertaining to automobile insurance policies and negligence.

Consider hiring a Maryland lawyer to handle your case. A local attorney can help you maximize your recovery and protect your legal rights by using his or her knowledge of local law to your advantage.

Obtaining Compensation In Your Absence

As an experienced attorney, I understand the difficulties a person faces when trying to deal with a personal injury case from afar. While you may be able to obtain the compensation you deserve with the assistance of a lawyer in your hometown, the knowledgeable and insightful services I provide are tailored to the laws of Maryland.

Should the insurance companies require further investigation of the accident, my on-site representation can be vital to proving your case. I provide localized knowledge of the accident site and offer the ability to obtain evidentiary photographs, witness statements and knowledgeable testimony, which you may struggle to obtain from your hometown.

Contact my Baltimore law office online, or call 410-752-6088 to discuss your car accident that occurred in Maryland. When you call my office, you will speak directly with me.